Sometimes I wonder why I leave my apartment to get fat shamed

I was at the store earlier, and as I left some guy asked me for a quarter. I decided to ignore him, because I really only had one quarter to my name as I am flat out broke right now. Usually ignoring someone would get you called a bitch or even a fatass bitch, but this guy when crazy on me.

He literally started calling me out on my life and life choices because I would not give him a quarter.

It was hard to catch everything he said but it was something like this:

see, this is why you are the way you are. a fatass lonely bitch…” That was followed with a lot of cursing me out and etc. Scary part was he was trying to follow me.

all because he wanted a quarter.



I think what really gets me about the whole experience is that he tried to use my weight, and stereo types about fat women/people *, as leverage to get me to submit to his will. I think it makes me even angrier that just because I am a plus sized female walking alone, who probably has a reputation in my area for not enjoying the advances of men, that I am lonely. Because obviously without a man or significant other my life is one big fat void. And I obviously needed this man to white knight me by point out my flaws publicly so I could save myself from this loneliness and my terrible terrible life… Yeaaaaaahhhh

People who think like this are so infuriating. It’s so misogynistic like it sickens me. I don’t understand why people can’t simply mind their own damn business.


Furthermore, I have to even question if he even needed that quarter. Maybe he did it just to publicly fat shame me?


Really though, things like this make me even question why I leave my apartment anymore.


[ * There is usually a stigma and stereotype that fat people are FOREVER ALONE, therefore desperate and lonely. Such bullshit I can’t even handle it.]




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4 responses to “Sometimes I wonder why I leave my apartment to get fat shamed

  1. Wow, what a fuckhead…He really deserves to have the cops called on him for that shit, even though I know they don’t do shit. What right does he have to harass and threaten a woman…gah.

    • I thought about going back into the store and notifying them, but I think his friends were inside. I wanted to avoid being beaten up. I bet if I would have called the cops he would have either ran, or it would have been he said she said drama and resulted in nothing being done.

      • Yeah, that’s how it usually goes. If your phone has a camera, maybe try recording him next time? Panhandling is illegal, even if the cops won’t do anything about the harassment.

      • I don’t have a camera at all on my little crappy phone. I feel I should get a smartphone eventually… but knowing people in this area they’d probably steal it if I whipped it out for a picture or video. That or smash it and beat me up…

        The cops don’t do anything about that here. Hell right where that happened there are a group of guys who sit in bus stop all day long and get drunk. The guys are rowdy, smash their glass bottles, urinate in the bus stop, and make it so people who do pay for the bus can’t sit down…And the cops have to drive past them 20-30 times a day (if not more) and they don’t do anything.

        This is kinda good that I am writing all this down so I’ll remember it later for a hate memoir for this town.

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