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Sometimes I wonder why I leave my apartment to get fat shamed

I was at the store earlier, and as I left some guy asked me for a quarter. I decided to ignore him, because I really only had one quarter to my name as I am flat out broke right now. Usually ignoring someone would get you called a bitch or even a fatass bitch, but this guy when crazy on me.

He literally started calling me out on my life and life choices because I would not give him a quarter.

It was hard to catch everything he said but it was something like this:

see, this is why you are the way you are. a fatass lonely bitch…” That was followed with a lot of cursing me out and etc. Scary part was he was trying to follow me.

all because he wanted a quarter.



I think what really gets me about the whole experience is that he tried to use my weight, and stereo types about fat women/people *, as leverage to get me to submit to his will. I think it makes me even angrier that just because I am a plus sized female walking alone, who probably has a reputation in my area for not enjoying the advances of men, that I am lonely. Because obviously without a man or significant other my life is one big fat void. And I obviously needed this man to white knight me by point out my flaws publicly so I could save myself from this loneliness and my terrible terrible life… Yeaaaaaahhhh

People who think like this are so infuriating. It’s so misogynistic like it sickens me. I don’t understand why people can’t simply mind their own damn business.


Furthermore, I have to even question if he even needed that quarter. Maybe he did it just to publicly fat shame me?


Really though, things like this make me even question why I leave my apartment anymore.


[ * There is usually a stigma and stereotype that fat people are FOREVER ALONE, therefore desperate and lonely. Such bullshit I can’t even handle it.]




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